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Provide your existing & new customers training platform and online course to reach their goals. 


Create an online course and teach people around the world to increase your revenue and impact.


Create a valuable learning experiences for the members of your association.

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We will work step-by-step with you to show you how to build, optimize, automate and outsource everything in your business. 

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Some Testimonials from Our Clients

This consultation has been absolutely amazing. I realized how much I did not know and how much I was working overtime.

Anna Smith

Anti Fat Formula

This is first time I have a system, that works for me without me.

Helen Edwards


With VSP, we've been able to increase our revenue by 40% without new staff.

Liudmil Tan

Vice-president, MKA

The dream has become real, I have my first sale! Thank you, VSP!


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your VSP coach

Hi, I'm Nick

A few years ago I ran a sports club and we built a training platform for our members and it was so successful that colleagues from other clubs started asking me to help them build one for them.

And that was the beginning…

Since then, I help coaches, sport clubs and associations clearly package their knowledge and experience to help others succeed.

your VSP designer

Hi, I'm Silvia

As a black belt in karate after graduating in architecture, I decided that the way of life of architects was not for me, so I started working as an instructor. A series sites, printed materials, and even an interior design put me in a position where I was responsible for big advertising budgets.

It was a great training ground for my next step into advertising (on the graphic side) consultant.

Since then, I have combined my architecture education and karate training to focus on efficiency. Now, together with the co-founder Nick we offer the most complete and effective consulting in sport industry. We teach coaches and sport clubs how to visualize, package and present knowledge that make the audience want to book a training..

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Get paid for sharing your advice and how-to information.

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Make a difference in this world with what you know.

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