Online Kumite Academy

Ivan Leal Regrero

World & European Champion


Step 1

Kumite basics

Fighting position stances and footwork for scoring and better performance      

Step 2

Scoring techniques

Techniques and drills to improve your ability to score at any position and time in the match.

Step 3

Defence skills

Develop ability to defend, block and counter when the opponent is attacking

Step 4


Good timing and reaction are one of the most important areas in kumite

Step 5


Understanding the course of the match and knowing what to do.

Step 6

High performance

Competitor needs to understand what to practice and what is not so important

Step 7


How to prepare for a competition. How to schedule your training. Physical training

Step 8

Common errors

Most common errors in knowledge and training that should be avoided

Step 9


A great way to work on your technique and focus, or accuracy

Step 10


Here you can upload videos from the seminars you lead. This will engage customers for a long-term stay.

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