Step-by-Step plan for creating your online course FROM ZERO TO LAUNCH!

No matter what is your starting point or where you want to go, VSP has a plan that will help build your business in a way where it can run and grow without you.

Our expert team will guide you through our 3-step process, to be sure the project flows well!

Main point is to transform you into your most effective self.

Build character

Step 1

Create a product

Step 2

Drive traffic

Step 3

Step 1

What set you apart?

Your character is what builds trust and magnetize your audience

Knowledge is a powerful tool and if you use it right, you can change the world. But knowledge alone isn't enough. This is the skillful application of the right knowledge in the right way that can change your life.

Create your attractive character is one of the most important step you can take when it comes to attract more customers. During this step we'll deeply work on:

Find your voice

Target audience

Customer journey

Brand essence

Your communication

Future vision

Pre-framing to gain the desire outcome

The essential here is to optimize all steps, not only for monetization, but also to build relationships and get clients to continue to work with you, someone they know and trust.


Strategic questions to help you (and us) achieve greater clarity around your client and the way in which they will reach the desired result.


We’ll dive deeper into your essence and start to extract the style and strategy for the program, built around your knowledge, so you can get to the next level.


You’ll learn the all important skill of how to offer long-term coaching packages, so you can sign up a client for 3, 6 or more months.

Step 2

Create a product

Complete Step By Step Blueprint For Creating A Profitable

Virtual Information Product From Scratch

In this step we take your current knowledge and turn it into high priced training product that will serve your client and make them want to work with you. You’ll get our best tools, scripts, and frameworks so you know what to say and do with your clients and feel confident.

Virtual information product is any piece of knowledge that has been recorded down and sold --- whether that be in forms of print, audio or video.

Video training


Online programs

Membership site

During this step, we'll work with you about the art, science and psychology of turning information into high value products that people will want to buy.

You will have a roadmaps you can use to outline each of your coaching sessions so your client conversations become easy, productive and fun.

Applying your knowledge to needs.
Creating a unique design that expresses who you are.
Define your name and brand.
Film your online course.
Creating & Package your product.

Congratulation you have a product!

Step 3

Drive traffic

Best strategies to attract and retain new customers in today’s digital world.

Custom design...

A complete implementation of the key elements needed to start and build a successful virtual business.

WordPress Site

Develop and execute a custom brand that uniquely expresses your essence and automatically attracts your ideal clients to you.

Management system

system and tools you need to identify and track key indicators in your business and enable you to manage your business efficiently and effectively.

Marketing tactics

Designing a complete advertising and marketing plan for your business from the ground up.

You're ready to Launch...

Once the site is tested and optimized we're ready for launch!

(And you can start making money immediately)

What next?

After the launch of your Virtual product, we “hand over the keys” and provide you with several simple techniques on how to make basic changes and control all the process.

But, if you’d prefer our team (that now knows you best) continue to evolve your online platform, handle any small issues that come up, do the updates... we can do all for a small monthly fee.

How long does it all take?

Depends on the size of the project

Usually 3-9 months, if you quickly provide us with feedback and all the resources we need. Of course there are opportunities to accelerate the process.

It may seem, but it's not always easy to know what to write about yourself or how to organize your knowledge. Let us do it for you - or guide you along the way.

What to do next ? ?

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